Debby Philp

All proceeds from the sale of Debby’s work goes towards the care of her rescued animals!

Self taught Cotswolds artist & animal lover Debby Philp runs a small, private animal sanctuary from her home in Chalford. All proceeds of artwork sold go towards the feed bills, vets bills & general bedding & housing costs for the beautiful rescued residents. Currently being cared for/rehabilitated are 2 horses, 2 chinchillas, 4 ex-battery hens, 1 cat, 2 parrots, 2 dogs, 7 wild bunnies & 4 domestic bunnies plus an assortment of dinky cute wood mice.

Debby hand-rears orphaned wildlife & domestic small mammals& can sometimes be found with a particularly needy tiny furry baby keeping warm in her pocket!

Animals arrive from various sources; referrals from the general public or vets plus any ‘overflow’ or difficult to rehome animals are accepted from large rescue centres.

Occasional human visitors can be welcomed but priority is always on providing a quiet, safe environment for the furry & feathered residents. A sanctuary for all creatures great & small.

Contact :

07463 592992

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