Hello, I’m Jane Vernon.  I’m known as the Purple Potter because I love to wear purple, so you may recognise me if I come to the gallery to stock up.  In fact I am not just a potter but a textile artist as well and I also dabble in other media.  

As a foodie, all my pots are made with eating in mind.  They are all made on the wheel, then decorated and glazed with a variety of techniques  and fired once by gas to a very high temperature. Some of them are then decorated further with precious metal and coloured lustres and fired again.  The result is a range of quirky and colourful tableware and vases suitable for everyday use.  



My textiles work is also zingy and colourful.  I use a combination of techniques to make wallhangings, canvasses, framed pictures and scarves.  I also make earrings to complement the scarves or to wear on their own.  As with my pottery, the themes are mainly natural – plants, animals and landscapes – though some pieces made from photographs printed onto silk and then stitched are focussed on architecture.  



I also make several ranges of greetings cards, some with silk-painted panels.

‘Phone  01453 763590

Email jane@clothandclay.co.uk

Website, www.clothandclay.co.uk


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