Blown, fused and kiln formed galsswork

Hello! I’m Karen.

This is me at a show -and how you will find me at the gallery- on a warm day!

‘I am a glass maker working from my studio in North Somerset.  I work mainly in warm glass, so using glass that comes as sheet, frit (small chunks) or powder that I cut and meticulously arrange in a kiln and heat to make my pieces.  To go from the raw materials to the final, finished piece may take up to four firings, each firing taking about 24 hours, and require an amount of cold-working and polishing to refine the edges.

I have always loved glass and my journey so far has included learning how to make traditional leaded light panels at Queen’s Road School of Art in Bristol, including using paint and stain to decorate the glass.

Blown and fused glasswork

Then I had the opportunity to take a one year course in glass craft and learnt how to blow, flame-work, cast and fuse glass and it is from this course that my current work has evolved.  I hired a blowing studio as often as I was able and enjoy making paperweights, vases and baubles. Alongside this I started equipping my own studio at home for kiln forming glass.  I have attended several master classes at Warm Glass and at the Glass Hub notably with Amanda Simmons, Bob Leatherbarrow, Rudi Gritsch and Angela Jarmin.


Drop outs   (that’s a process!)

Now the main emphasis of my work is the kiln formed pieces. I enjoy exploring colour,textures and the reactions of the glass colours with each other.  There are subtle pieces such as my Mediterranean crackle vessels where the colour ranges from turquoise to teal for the islands and the veins from yellow through to deep orange on the outside, but inside because the piece has been lined with a transparent glass they are all subtly altered. Then there are bolder pieces with striking stripes outside and polka dots inside.


The most fabulous thing about glass is that I will always be learning about it and from it, the possibilities are endless!

My work is always available from the Cotswold Craftsmen’s gallery.

My website is

My phone number is 07835 260569

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