There is little more satisfying than taking a lump of inanimate clay and pushing it around until it takes on the form you are trying to capture and I have been lucky enough to build a career around it.  
Having been a freelance model maker for 15 years in the animation industry I have a wealth of knowledge of materials and techniques from building puppets for stop-motion animation.  This type of animation involves taking a pose-able puppet and moving it one frame at a time to painstakingly create a moving image.  These are made using complex mould making techniques so that perfect replicas can be cast when one wears out.  
My wife Val Adamson and I run The Sculpture Studio in Chalford.  We are passionate about sculpture, creating our own, teaching others and producing commissions for clients.   The Sculpture Studio provides a home for classes, commissions and the SculptureBox range of kits. 



Hide and seek

Wildlife sculptures

I love the challenge of sculpting wildlife and I try to create pieces that can be placed in a setting where  when first noticed they could  be  mistaken for reality, if only for a moment. As a keen surfer I draw from the oceans and waves as inspiration or my work.  One of my favourite waves is the Severn Bore, a tidal wave that pushes up the Bristol Channel into the Severn estuary, past Slimbridge and on into Gloucester.  Surfing through the Gloucestershire countryside, often for miles on one wave, is an awe inspiring experience.  The tidal nature of the river provides a wealth of drift wood or ‘Bore Wood’ as I like to call it, which I often use in my work.


Seaglass waves





I have recently been trying to create synergies with wildlife organisations  trying to protect endangered species.  If my sculpture can go some way towards protecting the animals I am portraying I may have found the perfect job.

Martin Adamson
The Sculpture Studio
Hallidays Mill
m. 07747 692371

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