I am an artist and printmaker working from my print studio in the grounds of my home on Harrow Hill in the Forest of Dean, where I also run printmaking workshops.

My prints are mostly in linocut and collagraph and more recently I have been combining both techniques.  Linocut is a process where sharp cutting tools are used to cut away part of the flat surface of a block of linoleum. After cutting, the remaining surface is inked with a roller and printed on my antique relief press, or by hand using my trusty wooden spoon! To create my collagraph printing plates I add marks and textures to a piece of mountboard, like a collage, before inking using the intaglio method and printing on my Gunning etching press.

I enjoy the endless possibilities of creating a printing block or plate and the magic and excitement of pulling the first print never fades.

White House
Trinity Road
Harrow Hill
GL17 9LD

Tel: 07943 556157
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