Hi, I’m Tara

I love texture in clay and the way a glaze reacts to it.

Based in my studio near Cirencester I form each piece by hand, making beautiful delicate vases, bowls, nightlight holders and small dishes.

   I choose old, broken, stained pieces of antique lace to impress into the soft clay and form something beautiful out of them. I love the process of creating each piece and using colour to bring out all the fine details.

Inspired by the nature in my own garden, I also create sculptures that are both practical and beautiful, providing birds, bees and hedgehogs, with food, water and shelter with a range of bird baths and flowers on copper rods.


I also have a range of plain porcelain bowls. These have a gold bullion edge which, when over-fired either have a rusty gold or a beautiful green, brown and gold drip where it has reacted with the clear glaze.


Email: tara@tarajane.co.uk

Tel: 07948 966 957