Martin Adamson

Martin has joined us again at the gallery for Autumn – and had brought this fabulous littlechap with him! Awww! We’ve not named him yet – maybe we will run a competition ….!  So get your thinking caps on!! But be aware – Martin is refusing to call him Sid 🙂

Martin’s brand new baby rhino is also at the gallery now too.  You’ll have to call in to see him. Also incredibly cute.

And for all us dog lovers  – you have to see ‘Rusty’. Your stereotypical ‘can’t stay out of water’ spaniel type, emerging from the water, stick in mouth. An irresistible pooch.




Emma Larkman – Escento Soaps

And on the subject of pooches – Emma has brought in her new range of doggy shampoo bars. Perfect gift for your pooch or any of your dog-loving friends that you struggle to buy for!

Containing only natural ingredients with no synthetic fragrances, this gentle and nourishing soap will clean any dogs coat (their fur one that is!) , sooth dry and itchy spots whilst also helping to repel  mites and fleas. Total winner all round 🙂




Chris Scanlon

Chris is still with us here in October in our downstairs gallery. Chris is showing some of his newest – and first! – stained glass pieces and has recently brought in some great new pieces.. Take a look at Chris’s page here.

Hazel Morris

Regular exhibitor upstairs at the gallery, Hazel (of Arkane Jewellery) has brought in a brand new range linked bracelets with silver, copper and cold enamel on silver backings.


And on the other end of the scale, copper wire earrings at only £5 a pair!! Fabulous to compliment those autumn colours!


                                                   And some hand-coloured fun cartoon cards! Christmas stock available soon….!

And talking of earrings….. and indeed brightly coloured things….

Jane Vernon

Jane Vernon of Cloth and Clay has brought in a whole new stock of fabulous funky brightly coloured earrings to match any outfit! Jane also has a range of hand painted silk scarves tp perfectly compliment them.






Emma Larkman

Emma of Escento soaps, also in our downstairs gallery, has just delivered new £10 gift boxes to fit in nicely between the small £5 boxes and £16 luxury gift boxes. All these lovely soaps made from goats milk and natural ingredients are so luxurious however, you may find you don’t  actually want to give them away! So maybe just treat yourself 🙂









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